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Pre-Laundry Stain Spray


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Stain fighting power in a convenient spray! Emulsifiers and solvents help break down and dissolve tough stains like grease, collar rings, fruit and ink. Safe on all synthetic and natural colorfast fabrics. 18 oz.

Made in USA

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Directions & Ingredients


  • Shake can and remove cap
  • Holding can 4 inches from garment, spray soiled area, completely saturating it
  • For best results, wait one to three minutes before laundering badly soiled washables
  • Place in washer with other laundry and run through normal wash cycle. 
  • Helpful hints: Apply Pre-Laundry Stain Spray as soon as possible after garment is stained or soiled. Set stais are harder to remove and may require a second application. Before using, test for colorfastness in inconspicuous area of garment. Avoid spaying on painted or plastic surfaces. 
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