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Drain Line & Septic Tank Cleaner ✪

Plugged up drains are a thing of the past! Fuller‘s Drain Line & Septic Tank Cleaner outperformed five leading competitors including Liquid Plumr Build-Up Remover® and Drano Build-Up Remover® in laboratory testing for removal of grease and food build-up. Tiny micro-organisms and enzymes eat away waste that has collected inside pipes and septic tanks to open slow running drains and help to prevent clogged lines.
32 fl.oz.
✪ = Made in USA

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Directions & Ingredients


  • Run warm water down the drain. 
  • Pour 1 1/2-3 oz of Drain Line and Septic Tank Cleaner into your drain
  • if the area that has build-up is beyond the drain where the cleaner is added, a minimal amount of water should be added to sweep the treatment into the problem area. 
  • For best results, do not run water for 6 - 8 hours. (It may be easiest to apply at bedtime or before leaving for the day).
  • If tough drains still run slow after initial use, plunge and repeat 3-day start-up treatment. 
  • If you wish to treat several drains in a multi-story busines, treat lowest drasin first to prevent dislodged materials from clogging lower floor drains.  
  • Repeat for three days in a row. 
  • To keep pipes running clear repeat treatment every two to four weeks. 
  • To clean a 1000 to 1500 gallon septic tank, flush one  half bottle (16 oz) down the toilet bowl each month. 
  • For other sizes of septic tanks, adjust treatment accordingly. 
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