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Foot & Body Spa Brush ✪

Bring a refreshing glow to your body with every shower or bath! The long reach (27-1/2") of the Foot & Body Spa Brush invigorates as it cleans. Stiff upper bristles on the end of the brush remove dead skin and help soften rough areas while the soft lower bristles are soothing to the touch. Contoured to reach the back and feet without leaning or bending. Rust-resistant wire and a durable plastic handle (15" long) with handy hang-up hole for quick and sanitary air drying.
✪ = Made in USA

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Directions & Ingredients


  • Rinse off body while in shower or bath. 
  • Scrub the Foot & Body Spa Brush where skin is harsh or rough to remove dead skin and soften rough areas. 
  • Rinse off treated areas and brush when finished cleaning. 
  • Hang up brush with handy hang-up hole for easy storage and quick air drying. 
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