Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

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  1. Fuller Big E-Z Scrubber

    Big E-Z Scrubber

    SKU: 56070

    • CONVENIENT WINDOW CLEANING: It's the Fuller Brush way to quickly get your glass surfaces to a streak-free shine.
    • ALL GLASS SURFACES: Easily clean all glass surfaces - windows, mirrors, tiles and shower doors, car windshields and auto detailing leaving them spot and streak free.
    • EASY CLEANING OPTIONS: Alternate the pads according to your cleaning needs - microfiber pads loosens and lift away dirt and grime from glass surfaces - while the scrubbing pads power through hard water stains and soap scum on tile and shower doors.
    • MULTI ANGLE USE: Its multi angle use with a 360° rotating handle helps you reach everywhere - and clean even those hard to reach areas.
    • BUILT-IN SQUEEGEE: Finish off your cleaning with the Fuller Brush built-in squeegee for spotless, streak-free glass that will shine.
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  2.  Big E-Z Scrubber Bundle W/Adjustable Handle And Xtra Pads
  3. SIMPLIFY CLEANING: Use to clean glass,windows,shower doors and more
  4. COMES WITH: Telescopic steel handle (808)
  5. EXTENDABLE: 15 inch Handle adjusts from 29 to 52 inches.
  6. EXTRA PADS: Comes with 2 super scrubber pads and 1 machine washable microfiber pad.
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  • BBQ & Cleaning Apron

    BBQ & Cleaning Apron


    • Heavy duty double-sided fabric
    • Stain release technology
    • Maintains color during washing
    • 3 Pockets for bbq or cleaning tools Learn More
  • Fuller Brush Bath & Kitchen Book

    Bath & Kitchen Book

    SKU: 4345400

  • 64 pages of bath & kitchen hints & tips
  • Learn strategies for preventing mess while you cook
  • How to best clean specific kitchen items
  • Tips on preventing mildew, banishing smells and more Learn More
  • Fuller Brush Catalog 2019

    Fuller Brush Catalog 2019

    SKU: CTLG-19-01

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