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  1. Orange Wonder ✪

    Orange Wonder ✪

    Removes grease, motor oil, crayon, lipstick, cosmetic stains, and gum. Effective on fabrics, carpet, upholstery, floors, appliances, and most hard surfaces. 8 fl.oz. 
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  2. Bath Clean ✪

    Bath Clean ✪

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    Now with Grime Guard! Grime Guard produces an invisible shield that keeps surfaces cleaner longer, thus making it easier on you to not have to clean as often. Bath Clean works quickly and effectively to foam away and dissolve tough soap scum and hard water stains caused by calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Regular use will prevent mineral stain build-up. 24 fl. oz.
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  3. Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (Red)

    Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (Red)

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  4. Degreaser Concentrate

    Degreaser Concentrate

    Our best seller dissolves grease. Four times more concentrated than leading cleaners. One 32 oz. bottle makes ninety-six 16 oz. pump spray bottles at less than 14 cents each or 64 gallons of grease-cutting solution. Use full strength on toughest jobs or dilute for lighter cleaning. 32 fl.oz.
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  5. Aqua Clean Concentrate (N)

    Aqua Clean Concentrate (N)

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    This tried and true liquid concentrate cleans and promotes longer life in all fine washables. Eliminates costly dry cleaning. will not shrink, stretch, or fade your clothes. Use only half as much as the leading cold water washes. One bottle equals four 16 oz. bottles of Woolite. Biodegradable and phosphate-free. 32 fl. oz. 
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  6. FBC_19868_500.jpg

    Stainless Steel Sponges

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    Over 600 feet of stainless steel in the palm of your hand! Our rust resistant sponge is actually over 8,000 inches of continuous stainless steel coiled 40,000 times for increased flexibility and cleaning power. Outlasts steel wool. Box of 3.  Learn More
  7. Pre-Laundry Stain Spray ✪

    Pre-Laundry Stain Spray ✪

    Stain fighting power in a convenient spray! Emulsifiers and solvents help break down and dissolve tough stains like grease, collar rings, fruit and ink. Safe on all synthetic and natural colorfast fabrics.  
    18 oz.
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  8. The Original Degreaser

    The Original Degreaser

    Use anywhere in the house - on almost all types of hard, washable surfaces. Cleans up oil spills, greasy tools, bikes, engines, greasy pots, pans, and dishes. One bottle makes 32 gallons of cleaning solution. No home is complete without it! 32 fl.oz.
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  9. 19015_500.jpg

    Vegetable Brush ✪

    One of the first brushes “Dad” Fuller ever designed still has a place in your home today, our classic veggie brush. Use this small profile brush for a variety of cleaning jobs in the home. If you brush harder on vegetables, it can also work great for removing the skin from vegetables likes potatoes and carrots. Approx. 6" overall length, approx. 3" brush width.

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  10. Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper - Grey

    Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper - Grey

    Keep your bulky vacuum in the closet! The lightweight, quiet Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is just the thing for quick touch-ups and small jobs inevitable in every household. Natural Bristle Rotor brush gathers everything from dust and ash to paper clips and glass. Use on carpeted and hard surface floors for fast and easy cleaning.
    - Heavy gauge four section metal handle
    - Indestructible metal housing
    - Protective rubber bumper guard
    - Durable baked enamel finish
    - Reversible Cleaning Action
    - Large capacity, easy emptying dual collection compartments
    - Seven inch fast pick-up sweeping path
    BONUS: Vinyl Blade Rotor Included (#963.... $19.99 Value) Learn More