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exSTATIC Hairbrush


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The ionic brush is designed with active ion technology to help eliminate static and boost shine at the touch of a button. It not only counteracts the static build-up brushing causes, it actually brings a charge to the surface calming and flattening the surface of the hair to prevent further breakage and surface damage. Finally you can say goodbye to frizz and flyways and hello to SHINE!

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Directions & Ingredients


Before First Use: 

  • Carefully remove the appliance and its accessories from the packaging. 
  • Check package contents for completeness and damage. Do not use the appliance if package content is incomplete or appears damaged. Return it to the retailer immediately. 
  • Caution: Risk of suffocation! Packaging materials are not toys. Plastic bags, foils and Styrofoam parts can suffocate children. Always keep all packaging materials away from children. 
  • Store packaging material if you want to use it to pack, ship or transport the product. Store it in such a way that it cannot cause harm. 

Inserting and Removing Batteries:

  • Note: Batteries are not included with this appliance.
  • Open the battery compartment
  • Insert 2 batteries of the AAA. Pay close attention to the correct polarity when inserting the batteries. 
  • Place the battery compartment cover back on top of the battery compartment. Ensure it locks securely in place. 
  • As soon as the batteries have been inserted correctly, the ionic hair brush is ready for use. 
  • To remove the batteries, open the battery compartment and remove batteries. 

Ion Nozzle: 

  • Slide the ON/OFF switch up to switch on the ion function. 
  • The ion indicator light lights up. 
  • Brush the clean and dry hair as normal. 
  • During use the ion nozzle will release ions. 
  • Note: Please ensure not to cover the ion nozzle with your fingers and palm. Please pay attention when placing the appliance in a bag or similar. 
  • After use, slide the ON/OFF switch back down to switch the ion function off. 
  • Note: After approx 4 minutes the ion function switched off automatically, however the ON/OFF swtich has to be placed in the off position manually. Wait for approx 3 seconds before using the ion function again. 


  • Ensure that the product has been switched off. 
  • Clean the appliance after every use to ensure a long life cycle. Remove hairs from the bristle pad regularly. 
  • Caution: While cleaning the product do not immerse the main housing in water or other liquids. Do not rinse any part of the appliance under running water. Do not use solvents or aggressive cleaning agents. 

Inserting and Removing Bristle Pad:

  • Remove the bristle pad by pressing the release button and clean bristle pad with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent. 
  • Allow the insert to fully dry before placing it back in the product. The insert must audibly lock into place. 

General Cleaning:

  • If necessary, wipe the surface of the appliance with a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of mild cleaning agent. 
  • Dry the appliance thoroughly. 
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