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First day of Summer Cleaning Checklist

First day of Summer Cleaning Checklist

First day of summer

ON THIS DAY - also known as the Summer Solstice, the sun appears to stop, granting us the
longest stretch of daylight that we see all year. Eating strawberries is the perfect way to
celebrate the June solstice, since June’s full Moon is also known as the Full Strawberry
Moon. It typically coincided with the ripening of strawberries in what is now
the northeastern United States. Cool, right?
Just some Fun Facts to know about June & the first day of summer!


CleanHouse Checklist

How to Speed Clean Your House

30 Minute Quick Clean Checklist


Microfiber cloths are one of the most useful
tools you can have around the house.
Every few cleanings, use a microfiber
cloth on the curves & grooves of your
baseboards to keep them dust
free & looking their best.

Take a look at the wide variety of
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths we offer.


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