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Winter is finally making its last rounds as Spring is creeping in. The weather is starting to warm up and you can finally start to wear short sleeves again. The change in seasons also marks the time to break out the Mops and Dusters and do a whole-house clean sweep. And while you’re dusting the cobwebs, be sure to avoid some common Spring Cleaning mistakes and become a Fuller Brush Pro.

DONT: overuse toxic chemicals. Avoid inhaling toxic fumes from your cleaning products by not using too much.

DO: use either strong multi-purpose cleaners or dilute a concentrated cleaning solvent to reduce the toxicity. Fuller Brush has a line of concentrate solutions that are aimed to be more bang for your buck. You can read our article Spring Forward, Save More to see how our concentrates save you time and money effortlessly. Also, keep your hands away from your eyes to avoid irritation while cleaning with chemicals.

DONT: spread germs with a dirty rag. Using the same cloth to clean each room or area can spread germs rather than clean them.

DO: use a rag that can be washed easily either by hand or machine, or have multiple rags to cover all the rooms in your household. Whether you use our All Purpose Microfiber Cloths or our Specialty Microfiber Cloths, they come in packs of two or three so there are plenty to go around for each room. Our microfiber cloths are designed specifically for different materials and jobs, from wood and leather, to dust and dirt, or all practical surfaces.

DONT: mix cleaning products. To avoid coughing, eye irritation, nausea, wheezing, or pneumonia, don’t mix cleaning products or use a product containing bleach before or after using one that contains ammonia (according to the Washington State Department of Health).  

DO: use cleaning products for what they are instructed to clean. Referring back to the first mistake of overusing cleaning products, you should also avoid using a single concentrate as an all-purpose cleaner. Follow the instructions and be sure to handle different cleaners properly.

DONT: kick up dust or dirt while vacuuming or dusting. You’d just be making life harder on yourself if you don’t use the right cleaning tools. Save your lungs the stress.

DO: use a cordless, non battery-powered, sweeper that won’t kick up dust and dirt, but instead smoothly grab even the smallest particles from your carpet or floor.