Hello Spring Handwritten Paper

With Daylight Savings coming up, we're getting into the spirit and helping you save on more than just daylight. The loss of the extra hour in the day doesn’t mean that you have to be less productive. 

Our line of liquid Concentrates are just the thing to save you time and money on your routine household cleaning. 

Our Degreaser Concentrate is our bestseller! Plain and simple, it dissolves grease with four times more concentrated power than leading cleaners. One 32 oz. bottle makes 384 16 oz. spray bottles, at less than $0.03 per bottle for huge savings. 

A must-have item for any household, our Multi-Surface Concentrate is a biodegradable, ammonia-powered, heavy-duty dirt buster. Its great for any hard, non-porous surface: counters, screens, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, that comes in 32 fl. oz. to make up to 128 16 oz. spray bottles. 

If you dread flu season, our Germicidal Cleaner kills harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and E-coli. Have it around the house to disinfect bathrooms, door knobs, drains, sinks, counters, floors, and more. 

For an all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner, our Magnifico All-Purpose Concentrate will remove grease, dirt, and soils while leaving behind a lovely lavender scent.