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We're thankful for Fathers!

We’re celebrating Father’s Day by paying homage to the father of Fuller Brush who started it all, Alfred Fuller. It’s crazy to think that 111 years ago, with $375 and a vision to make and sell brushes door-to-door, Alfred Fuller’s company has come this far. The Fuller Brush company has become an iconic household brand in America, known for innovative products and the friendly faces that always knocked on your door. Alfred would be shocked to see how far his company has gone, with the rise of the internet and social media. But we are still keeping true to our roots by providing worthwhile household products and tips, and keeping the Fuller Brush man coming by to offer you our best deals. Most of all there is always a few things that you take from your father that will stick with you for the rest of your life. For us, we will always remember Alfred’s signature credo, “Make it work, Make it last, and Guarantee it, no matter what.” With the wisdom passed on from Alfred we hope to make him proud by sticking by the principles he started Fuller Brush with and continue to be an American household institution.

This month we put together some of their favorite Dad-friendly items to create the perfect gift list any Dad would enjoy. Check out these items to find the best gift for your dad this Father’s Day!


1. Dad Fuller’s Ultimate Skin Balm: Sometimes Dad is a hands-on kind of guy, which means all that work can leave his hands a little dry and chapped. Dad Fuller’s Ultimate Skin Balm soothes and protects weathered skin. It’s made of quality ingredients, like Ginger Root (which is known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties) and Echinacea (known for its healing properties for burns, wounds, and stings). Even the hardest working hands need to be taken care of once in a while

2. Clothes and Upholstery Brush: When it’s time for Dad to dress up, our Clothes and Upholstery Brush can keep Dad looking super dapper in his suit! This brush is perfect for brushing off lint, dust and hair from clothing without damaging its material.  The brush works great on sweaters, coats, and couches. When Dad looks great, you can be sure Dad feels great as well.

3. Horsehair Bench Brush: For the Dads that like to keep their special work stations nice and tidy, our Bench Brush is perfect to help with the clean up for years to come. Our retro Bench Brush is made with a blend of natural horsehair and nylon to pick up both fine and heavy debris. The wood handle has a handy hang up hole that is convenient to hang for storage and easy accessibility.  This brush works well to keep Dad’s play/work station impeccable.

Fuller Brush Company is happy to help you celebrate Father’s Day with our quality products. With a history of over 100 years of excellence, Fuller is dedicated to providing families with top notch tools and products that will not only get the job done, but are made of the best quality part and ingredients. Only the best for Fathers everywhere! Find out more about fantastic gift ideas and other quality products at

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