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Making “Tidying Up” easier with Fuller Brush

Making “Tidying Up” easier with Fuller Brush

Making “Tidying Up” easier with Fuller Brush

If you’ve ever heard of Marie Kondo then you’ve probably watched Tidying Up on Netflix or picked up a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If not, add that to your bucket list and read on for our tips and tricks to turn your house into a home simply by picking up.



There’s something to be said about being happy in your home, and just like Marie Kondo teaches, it really is about surrounding yourself with joy. The things that we take care of are important to our overall mental and physical health, and much of this has to do with housekeeping. Here’s a bunch of reasons and ways to keep housekeeping stress-free and worthwhile.


Hard to reach.

Some of the hardest parts about maintaining a clean home are those places that don’t seem to get a lot of attention. It’s hard to remember the ceiling corners or beneath the couch, but when those days of spring cleaning roll around they quickly overwhelm us. Adding 10 minutes a week to stay on top of these tasks can increase our joy and save our time. Our suggestions for streamlining the process include dusting above your head and picking up dust bunnies under the furniture. Perhaps this or this will help you do so - especially if you have tall ceilings like this gorgeous home.


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