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Fuller Pump Spray Bottle for Concentrated Cleaners

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  • Bottle designed with narrow neck to make it easy to grasp and hold without tiring your hand.
  • Bottle holds 16 fl. oz. of cleaner – so it weighs less and is easier to hold than larger spray bottles.
  • Pull the Spray Trigger with one finger or two – whichever is more comfortable for you.
  • Spray Trigger features 3 nozzle settings: OFF (switch to Off when not in use); STREAM (for a narrow “squirt like” application); and, SPRAY (for a wider “mist type” application).
  • Raised imprinted measurements on the bottle in 2 fl. oz. increments from 2 – 16 fl. oz.
  • Complete measuring directions on the bottle for 3 Fuller concentrated cleaners: Fulsol All-Purpose Degreaser, 2X Power Fulsol and Fuller’s Oil Soap.
  • Bottle with Spray Trigger attached measures 9 ½” tall. Diameter of bottle is 2 5/8”.
Get the best value from the economical Fuller concentrated cleaners by properly mixing the cleaners with warm water in the convenient-to-use Fuller Pump Spray. This Pump Spray Bottle with Spray Trigger is designed specifically for Fuller concentrated cleaners with raised imprinted fluid ounce measurements on the bottle and complete mixing directions printed on the bottle. Add as little as 1/2 teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon with warm water to optimize the extra value of Fuller concentrated cleaners.
More Information
Directions for Use Follow directions on back of Pump Spray bottle for mixing the Fuller concentrated cleaners with warm water. When using the mixed cleaners – follow the specific product caution statements on each concentrated cleaner label. For ease of filling the Pump Spray – fill with warm water first – then, add the measurement of concentrated cleaner. Otherwise, adding warm water after the concentrated cleaner may cause foaming of the cleaner. Tighten the Spray Trigger firmly before use. This Pump Spray may also be used with the Patio Furniture Cleaner Concentrate. When using the 4 fl. oz. of Patio Furniture Cleaner Concentrate – add the Concentrate to the 4 fl. oz. mark – then, very slowly (and gently) add the warm water to lessen the foaming of the Concentrate. Tighten the Spray Trigger firmly before use.
Type of Product Floor Cleaning
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