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Ruby Red Spin Mop Replacement Head

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  • OUR FLOORS WILL SPARKLE: The microfiber strand mop heads are made with Nano-technology and are ultra-absorbent for all your floor cleaning. With this Fuller Brush mop you can easily clean the dust, tough dirt, grime and any kind of sticky spill with a simple swipe across your floor. No need to exert yourself in order to have clean floors.
  • SLASH YOUR CLEANING TIME: Fuller Brush’s unique 360-degree spinning mop will make your cleaning fast with an easy swivel while maneuvering around your chairs, table legs, narrow places and all other household obstacles, even the toilet bowl. Lightweight and easy to use.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL YOUR HARD FLOORS: This one expert mop system was created for all the hard floors of your house. Use it on all hard surfaces including hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, and concrete.
Microfiber mop head replacement is designed to Grab and Hold the dirt so This is the reason that it: Cleans the Floor Surface Very Well. The rotating mop head is specially designed with the busy housekeeper in mind. It easily maneuvers into all the hard to reach areas and gives you the control over the dampness you desire for your mop. Ultra absorbent mop strands. Replacement head for the 56073 Ruby Red Spin Mop. Mop head is approx 14" in diameter
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Directions for Use At each 1/4 inch – on each Strand – we wrap the Strand with thread – otherwise the Microfiber Head would become a tangled ball of individual tiny microfiber threads. Floor really should be Swept or Vacuumed before Mopping. Each microfiber thread is grabbing this grit from all sides which tends to cause the threads to “Act like they are Sticking together.” If Mop Head is only been used for mopping liquids the threads would not be as “Stuck” together. At some point – depending on usage and floor conditions – the Microfiber Mop Head will need to be replaced.
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