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Premium Bowl Brush in Caddy Set

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  • Extra heavy duty bristles are designed to last longer than other bowl brushes.
  • Bristles cover entire area of brush head for a complete and thorough brushing with the least effort.
  • Robust amount of bristles tufted in a dome pattern for a more complete cleaning.
  • Bristle head fits deep into the toilet trap to scrub all areas and will reach under the toilet rim.
  • Wavy pattern of bristles is more compact than other brushes to carry more cleaner above the water line and under the rim.
  • Rubberized handle with finger grooves is easier to hold without slipping from your hand.
  • Length of brush measures nearly 16” – to keep your hand away from the water.
  • Brush also has hang-up hole in handle.
  • Slender profile of caddy and brush designed for less visibility next to toilet.
  •  Has accenting no-slip rubberized bottom.
From the maker of exceptional quality Toilet Bowl Brushes, Swabs and Cleaners – comes our latest addition for the Toilet – Premium Bowl Brush in Caddy Set. Toilet bowl brush fits perfectly in its round holder. Catches excess water that may be on the brush, so no mess on your floor. Made of heavy duty plastic with rubber on bottom so it will not slip and slide on your floor Color is white with black accents.. Brush is 16 inches to keep your hand away from the water. Use with our 619 Extra Strength bowl cleaner.
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