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2X Power Fulsol® Super Concentrated Degreaser – Dissolves Grease & Grime

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  • CUTS GREASE & GRIME: Let this highly concentrated, heavy duty cleaner cut and dissolve - grease, oil, dirt, grime, fingerprints, grass stains, ink, glue.
  • DOUBLE POWER: Fuller Brush 2x Power Fulsol has double the power – as it cleans your tile, glass, woodwork, painted surfaces, and washable fabrics.
  • ALL PURPOSE USES: Gets every room of your home fresh & clean – including your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, & outdoors!
  • GALLONS OF CLEANING POWER: This one-quart bottle of 2x Power Fulsol can make up to 30 gallons of pure cleaning power for hundreds of uses. 
  • Made in the USA
Quickly dissolve grease, oil, dirt and grime from your kitchen, laundry and more – with this single bottle! Fuller Brush 2x Power Fulsol has double the strength and double the cleaning power of our best-selling Fulsol Degreaser (630). No job too big or too small – 2x Power Fulsol works quickly to remove countless stains from surfaces all around your home. The results are unbelievable. Non-abrasive, all-purpose degreasing concentrate is safe for all washable, non-porous surfaces. It has great effects on hard surfaces including tile, glass, sealed wood and woodwork, porcelain, painted walls, washable fabrics, vinyl, and fiberglass. Makes up to 30 gallons of pure cleaning power for literally hundreds of uses. Use it in the kitchen for the oven, pots, broiler pans, range hoods, Greasy Dishes and Cut Grease in the Drain. Use it as an excellent laundry booster and even outdoors on patio furniture, garage floors and driveways. It cuts the grease and leaves a clean, pleasant lemon scent. Use it together with Fuller Brush Stainless Steel Sponges (19868) or with Fuller Brush Dual Action Microfiber Cloths (181) for even more cleaning power. Biodegradable, phosphate-free. Safe for septic systems when used as directed. Let Fuller Brush 2x Power Fulsol cut the grease and stains from just about everywhere – and have a clean fresh home. 32 oz. Made in the USA
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Directions for Use We do NOT recommend using Fulsol to clean Flat Latex Painted Walls – Customer should refer to the Paint Manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning a Flat Latex Painted Wall. Other walls such as: wallpaper (most types); paneling (with a gloss finish); bathroom tiled walls; and Semi-Gloss or Gloss Latex Painted Walls (usually Kitchen or Bathroom) . . . may be cleaned with a very mild solution of Fulsol and water as noted on the Fulsol Label.
Type of Product Kitchen Cleaners
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