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Disposal Clean Garbage Disposal Drain Cleaner Foam 12 oz.

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  • DEGREASE & FRESHEN: Get rid of the grime build-up & odors from your garbage disposal – Fuller Brush Disposal Clean will easily do it for you!
  • FOAMING ACTION: The unique foam expands inside the disposal - assuring its reach to all sides including under the rim - cleaning the entire disposal
  • NATURAL CITRUS OILS: Fuller Brush made with natural citrus oils that actively break down the grease – for a very thorough cleaning
  • FRESH SCENT: Leave your kitchen with a fresh clean citrus scent – with this septic safe & easy to use foaming garbage disposal cleaner
  • Made in the USA
Our powerful foam builds as it is sprayed which allows the foam to touch every surface on the inside of the disposal- even under the rim. Rids garbage disposal and sinks of dirty, greasy build up and odor. Leaves your disposal and sink fresh and clean with a lasting citrus scent. Contains biodegradable cleaning agents, contains no phosphates or chlorine bleach.12. oz.( use with our 324 multi purpose brush sold separately)
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Directions for Use Directions for use: Shake can well before using. Remove cap. With disposal turned off, place nozzle in disposal and spray foam until its visible at rim. Allow foam to remain in the disposal for 3 to 5 minutes to break down the grease and grime build up. If necessary use a brush (324 multi purpose brush) to reach into the disposal and clean under the rubber flapper.Then rinse clean with warm water.
Type of Product Sink Cleaning
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